Hang 10 with Cynthia Rowley

We’ve always had a soft spot for day-trippers. It takes a certain attitude to tuck a surf board under your arm, a beach umbrella over the shoulder and board the Cannonball bound for Montauk like it’s just around the corner and you have all the time in the world.

Whether you’re on the Jitney or a Vespa (or heck, a helicopter), if you’ve got what it takes to make the trip from Greenwich Village to Montauk on Friday afternoons, you’ve got that Basil attitude. And it’s exactly this vibe we are delighted to capture in our new collaboration with Cynthia Rowley.

It’s a long way from Sydney’s northern beaches, so we took time out to Hang 10 with this eponymous designer, writer and surfer for some insider tips on summer – with a north Atlantic twist.


Your designs suggest a sense of adventure and fun, is this your ideal vacation style?  i.e. when summer hits and New York empties out, do you prefer to settle in and ensconce yourself in a favorite spot for the season, or are you out seeking new sites and experiences?

Throughout the year, I love to go on adventures and experience places I’ve never seen before, but Montauk is my happy place during the summertime. I like to spend as much time out there as possible.


Where will we find you this summer?

The beach just outside Lisbon and lots of Montauk time!


While technically it’s the tip of the Hamptons, is Montauk really “The Hamptons?” It’s certainly as far East as you can possibly go in New York – what drew you here? And what brings you back?



What’s the first thing you do when you arrive?

Fly Blade, so the weekend starts when I get to the chopper


And does the water ever, ever warm up?! (not that we wouldn’t love an excuse to pull on a CR wetsuit any time of year)

I love to surf and Montauk is always cold so I have a whole wardrobe of CR wetsuits #luckygirl


Every glamorous job has its less than glamorous underside – is there a ‘kitchen confidential’ element to fashion design? What aspect would you happily outsource?

For me – having the idea is the best part and then it’s extremely exciting when it becomes a reality… everything in between is the hard part!


And what part of it do you thrive on?

I thrive on the chaos but not sure how healthy that is 🙂


What the best piece of advice you have for fellow creatives out there?

Be original and be fearless, and when life gives you lemonade – add vodka!
We’re excited to see Day Tripper crowning our new season beach umbrellas – Can you tell us a bit about this print?

Just like its title! It’s a colorful, playful, wild ride.


You’ve seen your prints come to life on silk, lycra swim-suits, neoprene wet-suits, accessories, paper and canvas. And now beach umbrellas. Why Basil Bangs? (we’re stoked by the way!)

Australia baby!


Who’s work (creative or otherwise) do you crush on?

Artists Genieve Figgis & John Currin


And lastly, what are the 5 songs on your summer playlist?

  •  Rolling Stones, Little T&A – all time fav
  • Is This Love Mont Martre remix
  • Fetty Wap, For My Team
  • Michael Kiwanuki, Cold Little Heart
  • Calvin Harris, Slide
  • Chance, No Problem
  • Roy Ayers, Everybody loves the Sunshine





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