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Go Large – Cover


This protective Umbrella Cover keeps your Go-Large umbrella canopy looking like new and minimises wear and tear when not in use. Features: Basil Bangs’ signature trims on high quality, outdoor canvas material Strong UV fade resistance and waterproofing A heavily reinforced tapered end (so it won‰ۡó»t tear or split) Colourful, outdoor anti-corrosion zipper A sturdy aluminium rib along one side for easy installation in approximately 10 seconds flat! Simply hold the rib & slip the sleeve over the top of the umbrella and zip it down so it’s nice and snug.

  • Length: 62in
  • Weight: 6.6lbs
  • Collapse your Go Large umbrella and secure it with the strap.
  • Unzip the protective cover and holding it by the aluminium rib, slide it over the top of the umbrella and down over the canopy.
  • Making sure the canopy is secured safely inside the cover, zip it up and Voila! Your umbrella is now ready for bed.
  * Please ensure the canopy is completely dry before storing your umbrella.